This marks the first post of the Antichamber Wiki. A Wiki launched to document all the nooks and cranies of the puzzling game Antichamber.

Antichamber is a brand new game, and yet an aged game at the same time. It was a huge four year work by its developer, Alexander Bruce. In the duration of the game's development, it was sent through many indie game festivals and won a plenty of awards, as displayed on the game's official website. I was fortunate to play a few levels a year and a half before the release date. I like out-of-the-box games and was very excited about the release. However, the website it was consistently put it off and at many times I was left wondering if the game would EVER be released but on the 31st of January it was finally ready.

After mere hours of game play, I soon came search for information of the game, but there was only a small Wikia site with no content. So I started to expand it with what I knew of the game and bit by bit thinks came together. We now have fourteen articles pages and a few great pictures. It's just a start but there is plenty of room to expand, which we will as more and more Antichamber gamers start trawling the net for information and sharing what they know. We have a rival wiki as well at antichamberwiki dot com.

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