The Character is the main Protagonist in Antichamber and is based on the players perspective to feel immersed in the game.

The developer wanted to make the game immersible with no character model which was done as much as possible.

Character TraitsEdit

There is no Third Person command and it is known that the Character has no model. However, the traits of The Character can be seen in terms of width and height in Cubes and movement speed.

The Character is approximately three cubes wide and five cubes high.

The speed of the character is measured in cubes per second (at 60 frames per second) and is currently unrecorded.


  • The character non-model can be detected at The Highest Point. Looking through the black room at Climbing The Tower #7 on the opposite wall and holding the Cube Collection button (left mouse button), the yellow line from the gun, the gun itself and the player can be seen without their respective models.

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