The map is is the primary method of navigation throughout the Antichamber labyrinth. The map can be access through a wall on the Main Hub and is used to teleport to puzzles.

The map starts off very small and expands as the player completes puzzles and unlocks new ones. While the map is used as a direct transporter, all puzzles are interconnected to others in a huge maze and you can walk between puzzles without the map. However, not all paths lead to a puzzle connected directly to it and can lead to a puzzle in a completely different place on the map.

This following picture shows an example map with an explanation of its meaning.

Antichamber map explained

While looking at the map, short rectangles not connected to an arrow or a bubble denote an untaken path. Bubbles show dead ends, such as set pieces or other places the player cannot progress from except by leaving via the Main Hub. Arrows show paths that connect to other puzzles.

See Also Edit

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