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Antichamber (originally Hazard: The Journey of Life) is a psychological exploration game created by Alexander Bruce involving the use of lateral thinking and logic to progress through a labyrinth of puzzles and unlock new locations on the Map.

The map is hosted in the Main Hub, an interactive environment that is the main menu. The Main Hub also contains information on the Controls, Settings and the Moral Wall, a pictures from all the Signs that have been located.

There are five different Matter Guns, identified by the colour on the outside rings. Players can use these Matter Guns to take, place and manipulate Cubes of matter throughout the game.

There are many secrets found in the game such as Pink Cubes that move across fixed paths when looked at and hidden Dev Rooms.

Pages Edit

Puzzle Pages
Secret Rooms
Pink Cube Sightings
Community Portal
Listing of puzzle signs

Links Edit

Official Website
Antichamber on the Steam Store
Steam Users Forums
Antichamber Subreddit

Recent Activity Edit

  • discussion page Talk:Many Paths To Nowhere
    new comment by Aaay
    Comment: I was messing around, and found this out: If you have only gone down one path, then going backwards will take you backwards in a normal, euclidian...
  • edit List of Signs
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    Summary: revert deletion of first and last columns
  • edit Stuck In A Rut
    edited by CatIsFluffy diff
    Added category: Persistence Puzzles
  • edit Cube Farming
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    Summary: 3D Shapes: Removed repeated 'upon creating' from end of 2nd paragraph
  • edit List of Signs
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  • discussion page Talk:Glitches
    new comment by Californ1a
    Comment: This happens when you hit the bottom of the world after falling out of bounds. When you hit the bottom, you get returned to the hub and lose your gun...
  • discussion page Talk:Glitches
    new comment by Aaay
    Comment: I was playing around with the glitch where you go through the wall that has the timer and obtain the timer sign, and went to Failing Forward, and...
  • discussion page Talk:Dev Rooms
    new comment by Aaay
    Comment: Many Different Angles is a map of how to get into Finding The Seams, how to get through it, and how to get through Stuck In A Rut, I think (this is...
  • discussion page Talk:Leap Of Faith
    new comment by A Fandom user
    Comment: If you need proof, go to Keith Ballard's playthrough.
  • discussion page Talk:Leap Of Faith
    new comment by A Fandom user
    Comment: This page says that Leap of Faith leads to Impossible Paths. Can someone please tell me where it is?
  • The first puzzle encountered by players.Go to Leap Of Faith
  • A description of how the Map works.Go to Map
  • A completed Moral Wall showing the pictures for all Signs.Go to List of Signs

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