hello antichamber is a windows game but with wine you can play antichamber on a mac

instructions for installing .net 3.5

Installation method:

1. Install wine-staging from then open terminal in your home directory and type commands listed below:

rm -fr ~/.wine  
export WINEARCH=win32  
export WINEPREFIX="/Users/USER90/.wine"  

   1a. Replace USER90 with your USERNAME
   1b. In winecfg set Windows version to Windows 7

2. Visit and grab winetricks from there look up how to install/use it 
3. do sh winetricks dotnet35

4. Installer will install the .net framework version 3.5 

5. install all of anti-chambers dependencies but .net 35 as we installed it with winetricks

6. go into the win32 folder in binaries in your antechamber installation

7. if you did every thing right you can now play anti chamber on mac

p.s sorry about the mess of a page this is please fix it if you can i just wanted to get this out there

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