Cube Farming is a method of creating additional Cubes by placing cubes to create the edges of a 2D shape or the frame of a 3D shape. The game creates additional cubes by filling in all the inner cubes to form a solid shape. The additional cubes can then be taken for later use. The process of cube farming is intended behaviour of the game and required to solve many levels.

2D ShapesEdit

When placing Cubes in a plane in a closed loop (no diagonals), the inside of the plane will be filled with more Cubes. This allows easy filling of puzzles the player does not have access to, as well as allowing them to multiply the Cubes at whim. This is technique is known as "Cube Farming" or "Growing Cubes".

3D ShapesEdit

Cubes will be created to fill the frame of any rectangular 3D shape. Using the Matter Gun, a player can create an arrangement of Cubes that forms the frame of any rectangular shape. As soon as the frame is complete (has no gaps) cubes will be created to fill not only the faces of the shape but also the area inside.

This method provides a greater yield than regular "Cube Farming" but can be difficult to do because the cube placement of the Matter Gun makes it difficult to place straight lines of cubes in the air. The game has been known to crash upon creating large 3D shapes.

This behaviour is used to solve the puzzle in Over The Edge.

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