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Explanation of Antichamber controls from the game menu.

Antichamber is controlled by the keyboard and mouse. The game requires a three button mouse in its advanced stages but the control key can be substituted for the middle mouse button.

Movement Edit

The character moves around by using the WASD keys for forward, left, backward, and right respectively. The mouse is used to control the viewing and movement angle. The spacebar is used to jump and shift button is held to slow down movement (walk).

Using the Matter Gun Edit

The Matter Gun is controlled by the cursor buttons. The right mouse button is used to collect cubes, the left button is used to place stored cubes and with a yellow or red matter gun, the middle mouse or control button is used to manipulate cubes.

Misc Edit

The escape button is used to pause the game and the left mouse button is use to alternate a signs between its picture and the text that goes with it.

ReMapping Edit

If wishing to remap keys to something else, or if a QWERTY keyboard is not owned, these instructions can remap whichever keys need remapped.

See Also Edit

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